Southern Brittany – French Immersion & Private House in Belle-Isle (one-to-one homestay)

Michel lives in Belle-Isle-en-mer, a gorgeous, wild and protected island in the southern part of Brittany. Come alone, with your partner or spouse and experience a real French immersion in an authentic, yet renovated house adjacent to his. Michel is most comfortable helping advanced students perfect their French (levels B2 and higher). He would also be happy to visit you in your country, or travel worldwide with you.



French Immersion Program in Belle-Ile

Belle-Isle-en-mer is a small island located in the South of Brittany (check on It remains a landmark for protected good taste and harmony: no motorways, no ads, no high buildings. It’s a wonderful place to hike or bike, rest, read, write or paint, and of course study French! There are also lively and authentic villages, with nice restaurants and art galleries, where friendly French people will encourage you to practice your French.

My name is Michel, I am an experienced and certified French teacher and I used to share my life between Belle-Ile, and Québec, Canada, which is my second home.
French native, I am bilingual in English and French but also speak Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese… and taught French in many places (including Mc Gill University, Université de Montréal, UQAM, Université de Moncton, Université de Tripoli)…
My passions are acting, French literature, gardening and travelling. I could welcome you in my house on Belle-Ile, but could also come to your house or travel with you!


Belle Ile
Belle Ile

Your Very Own Home in France

If you come to visit me on Belle-Ile, you will stay in your very own house attached to my own house (my house is the one with pink shutters; your house is behind the hollyhocks).

I live in a hamlet near the village of Locmaria. You can walk there, or borrow a bike or use my car.
Buses will also take you to the other parts of the island.

Your house has been renovated a few years ago : a bedroom upstairs with a private bathroom with a shower.

Downstairs, a living room with an eating area and a small kitchen corner with everything you’ll need to cook, and a small fridge.

Your house is not big nor fancy, some may say it’s a bit rustic, but it’s warm and comfy, safe, private and extremely calm.

A real extra “room” in your house is the garden. And that one is very big! We spend a lot of time in it since it’s very private and so peaceful.

The lessons will be held in your house or mine, or in the garden: since our houses are attached, you can be more or less independent, it’s up to you!


The Island of Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Brittany, France

Belle-Isle-en-Mer is wild and gorgeous, a paradise for people who like to hike or/and bike, and the locals are very friendly and welcoming. You’ll have many opportunities to practice your French!
The island is a 45 minute crossing from the town of Quiberon (Southern Brittany), by ferry.
Belle-Ile was one of the favorite places of Monet, who painted it many times.

There are many landmarks to see such as “Les Aiguilles de Port-Coton”, “La Pointe des Poulains”, “le jardin La Boulaye” et “le jardin Eden du Voyageur”…

Back to the mainland you’d enjoy Auray and Saint-Goustan, Vannes, Nantes…

Aiguilles 2

Practical Info About Your French Immersion Residential Course

Although I am trained and experienced at teaching any level of French students, I now specialize in helping more advanced students perfect their French (levels B2 and higher).
Whether you love French theatre or literature, or you’d like to perfect specific vocabulary for your work or research for example, I’ll embrace your goal and work a program especially made for you.
I love to cook and on top of typical French cuisine, I would be happy to adapt to any special diet: vegetarian, gluten free…
I don’t smoke, and have no pets and unfortunately cannot welcome them.


My program is very flexible: you can come for just a few days or a few weeks, I can provide more or less meals, be more or less present, speak more or less English… Just contact me and we’ll go over the details!