Don & Amanda 2018



Our week on Belle Ile En Mer was a complete success.  It’s a beautiful island, peaceful and tranquil.  It’s one of the most beautiful places we’ve seen.  At night the stars overhead were magnificent, and during the day, the hiking along the cliffs was extraordinary.  But that wasn’t the best part. The best part was Michel.  He was relaxed, funny, welcoming, flexible and charming.  He greeted us in his home and garden like old friends.  We laughed our way through our daily lessons and surprised ourselves by learning more than we ever would have hoped.  He not only taught us concepts and words we needed to know, he gave us enough speaking confidence that we passed the rest of the trip to Paris and then home insisting on speaking only French — even to the flight attendants on the long trip home, something we would have been way too shy and insecure to have done before.  PS He’s also a great cook, serving simple and delicious food every night.  We can’t recommend Michel highly enough.