Julie 2017



I recently spent nearly two weeks in the company of Michel Denance in stunning Belle- Ile-en-Mer where I focused on perfecting my French and learning about this lovely island.

If you are an advanced student, serious about taking your knowledge of French to the next level, this is the professor and location for you! Our program, tailored to my needs, consisted of daily lessons from 1000-1230, followed by a delicious lunch prepared by Michel and an outing to a nearby site every few days.

Michel assigned short stories by both French and Québecois writers and that generated lively conversation for us. Although I have a Masters in French, I was challenged by Michel to learn the finer points of French grammar and encouraged to speak as much as possible to enhance my fluency.

He included intriguing articles from internet sites and newspapers and provided songs that illustrated points of grammar and pronunciation particular to me.

While I have studied French for over 40 years with more than 20 teachers/ professors, I have never been more pleased with the attention and talent of an instructor.

I look forward to returning for another immersion next year with Michel.