Karen and Don 2016



Don and I are a couple in our sixties. We have studied French language for several years, but were looking for a program where we could have conversations with an expert teacher who would help us with grammar and pronunciations.
We have travelled to France many times so we were delighted to find Michel, who lives in an area of France that we were interested in exploring.

How lucky we were to stay with Michel, a teacher of exceptional ability, passionate about the island of Belle Isle, with an amazing wit and intellect. We loved every

minute of our lessons, we were so motivated to do our homework every afternoon. Our walks around the coastline were fantastic. Then in the evenings, back to Michel’s for more laughs, lively conversations and delicious meals.
Our french has improved, we have a much better idea of what we need to study (the basics) and we’re more motivated than ever to continue our quest to learn french. Many thanks to Michel, who has given us such happy memories to cherish for the rest of our lives.