Maire 2018



I had an absolutely wonderful time studying French with Michel on Belle-Île. He is a an incredibly talented teacher – intelligent, funny, kind and perceptive – I couldn’t have asked for a better or more fulfilling experience. Improving the accuracy of my spoken and written French, which I feel I did quite considerably over the course of the week, was far more fun than it should have been! I laughed a lot.

Michel has a wonderful way of drawing people out and building confidence. He asked me lots of questions, helped me to communicate my answers when I got stuck and gently corrected my horrendous grammar, all the while making me feel like I was having a normal conversation in French with a good friend. I learned so much during all of our interactions, not just our lessons in the morning.

The location of the lessons, Belle-Île, was really superb and I was lucky to enjoy magnificent weather during my stay on the island. Michel’s passion for flowers and for the history and landscape of the island was contagious. We visited beautiful beaches, saw majestic cliff faces, and I learned about the history of two very romantic stones! I feel really privileged to have had the opportunity to tour several stunningly beautiful gardens (not least of which was Michel’s own beautiful garden in Borchudan) and be guided around them by their expert creators.

One of the loveliest things about my stay chez Michel was the way that I felt woven into normal life in Belle-Île. We went for coffee, we shopped in the supermarket, chatted with neighbours and friends and spent an evening with his close friend and her grandchild which ended with a sing song. We ate wonderful food and drank French wine. I adored my stay chez Michel. I’d love to be starting it all over again.