Rebecca 2016

This was my second immersion course with Michel Denance. Once again, I feel he has helped me enormously.




My challenge was to recover the French I had studied all through school which had become dormant after 30 years of speaking only Spanish.

Last year, after a week’s work, I still spoke in a contorted mixture of French and Spanish, though I was able to read French better and (sort of) comprehend the spoken language.

After this second visit, however, thanks to his attentive instruction, I can now speak much more fluidly, write more clearly and understand a good deal of what is said. All of this has given me much more confidence to speak spontaneously.

As a teacher, he is both adaptable, willing to vary his teaching to the student’s needs, as well as inventive, quick to suggest readings and excursions that might be of interest.

The cozy student living quarters, located in a former stable beside his house, are completely separate with a small kitchen and bath. The arrangement offers both privacy and easy contact.

I found that both the privacy and the isolated location in a tiny village in the center of the island were quite conducive to serious immersion.

Although telephone coverage is sketchy, the internet is fast and reliable and texting is easy via apps like Whatsapp.